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While I try to put complete, working sketches in my posts, there have been many instances where putting entire sketches in a post is impractical, so I frequently field requests for more complete code.  I also have noticed that, for whatever reason, some readers have difficulty copying code from the blog to their own work. So, I’ve opened a GitHub repository to make sharing code a little easier for everyone. Over time I’ll share out examples and useful library code.

The new repository can be found here:

I’ll be using the “branch” feature to organize the repository.  I’ve seeded it with two branches: Current Sensing and Testloop.

Current Sensing — currently contains a single file with the current sensing functions originally developed for the ACS712.  I’ll be adding a comparable file for CT sensors shortly.

Testloop — contains the entire code set created for the test loop.  Note that this project contains multiple files that should all be copied into a single directory (named testloop to match the main file testloop.ino) in your Arduino documents. This code is provided for those who are ready to wade into deeper levels of complexity to multitask and get multiple threads working together. Some of the code — especially networking and the code for Duino Nodes is “library” reliable and part of my basic code set.  Other code was more experimental. Nothing here is the last word on anything, of course.  But it works and is worth studying on that ground alone.

I hope you find this useful.

2 thoughts on “Announcing theNscaler Github Repository”

  1. Robin,
    thank you very much for your availability as well as all your care in the notes provided.

    I learned a lot from your blog and articles.


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